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The resources below are written to support families experience pregnancy loss, as well as their loved ones around them. Funeral professionals may also find it helpful to share these materials with the families they serve, either by emailing links to these files or printing copies to be enclosed with other materials given to the family.

Navigating Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy and early infant loss can occur suddenly, and you may find yourself making decisions you never expected to make. This brochure offers gentle guidance on such questions as choosing to see your child, managing medical decisions and understanding the feelings you’re experiencing.

Preparing to Visit the Funeral Home

For many pregnancy loss parents, miscarriage or stillbirth represent the first time they’ve ever had to make funeral arrangements. This guide describes some of the questions the funeral home may ask, as well as some considerations parents may want to explore as they plan arrangements for their children.

Self-Care Following the Loss of a Pregnancy

Pregnancy loss at any stage can be both physically and emotionally traumatic. Caring for yourself during these times can be difficult, but is vitally important for your health and well-being. Here, we offer suggestions on possible self-care activities, as well as opportunities for memorializing your child(ren).

How to Support a Pregnancy Loss Parent

Are you the friend or family member of a loved one who’s experienced a pregnancy or early infant loss? If you’re having trouble understanding how to support parents in these circumstances, this brochure explores what to say (and not to say), as well as specific ways you can offer your help.

Pregnancy Loss Web Resources

Print this helpful sheet off for more information on the organizations, support resources and support forums that exist online for pregnancy and early infant loss families.

Pregnancy Loss Books

This list includes contributions on pregnancy loss grief, the grief of fathers, explaining pregnancy loss to children, becoming pregnant again after a loss and more.