Research Opportunity: Bereaved Parent Funeral Home Experiences

If you're a parent who has experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant loss and who used the services of a traditional funeral home in the last ten years, I want to hear from you!

I've been honored to be invited to give a presentation at this year's National Funeral Directors Association annual convention on the subject of how funeral directors can better support bereaved parents.

It's a topic that's particularly meaningful to me: After my own loss, I met a number of other pregnancy loss moms who shared with me how they'd been let down by the funeral homes that handled their care. As I was beginning a professional career in the industry around the same time, I've tried to use my voice whenever possible to advocate for better care for our community. This year, I'm delighted to be able to work with funeral directors in person to deliver a series of best practices to support them as they serve families like ours.

To do that, however, I need your help. In partnership with Bereaved Parents of Madison, Inc. and Cress Funeral Service & Cremation, I'm conducting a 25-question survey on the experiences bereaved parents have had with funeral care. For more information or to participate, click the image below:

The survey is completely confidential, and participants are welcome to withdraw at any time. Responses must be received by July 15th, 2016. If you have any questions, just let me know!