3 Things You Might Not Know About Pregnancy Loss Parents

As a pregnancy loss mom with past experience working in the funeral industry, one of my personal goals is to help funeral directors and other death care professionals better understand this unique type of loss. And recently, I was honored to contribute a guest post to the FuneralOne blog on some of the common misconceptions surrounding pregnancy loss parents.

Here's an excerpt of the post: 

In April 2013, I joined the club that no parent ever wants to be a part of: those touched directly by pregnancy loss. At nearly seven months pregnant, my husband and I lost our first child – a daughter named Lena Grace – for reasons that, despite thorough follow-up testing, remain unknown. Three months later, I accepted a job in the funeral industry.
Recently, as part of the market research needed to launch a new memorial jewelry and gift line serving bereaved parents – Carry Your Heart – I had the chance to speak with dozens of my fellow loss parents on their experiences and how the people and systems in their life could better support them. The results of this ongoing research have been fascinating.
Pregnancy loss parents aren’t a monolith; their experiences vary according to their age, the nature of their loss, where they live and what support systems exist in their area. Despite this, a number of similar threads in our conversations became evident across personal, social, economic and geographic lines, and I’m sharing a few of them here today in the hopes that they help you better understand and serve the pregnancy loss families in your care.

Read the full post here on the FuneralOne blog.